Welcome the thegamer.co! We are a gaming organization for laid back gamers. This website is used as a hub for information about the organization.


Several of our members created thegamer.co in 2011 as a way to help bring gamers together and provide a platform to enhance the gaming experience.

We have created many gaming, chat, email, and webservers in order to facilitate communication and gaming.



The TeamSpeak server has been updated. Please make sure your client is up-to-date if you have any issues connecting. TeamSpeak Host: zelus.thegamer.co If you need the password, please contact: anubie@thegamer.co.

Working on it!

While the other components of thegamer.co have been kept up-to-date, the website is a bit lacking. We’ve been trying to invest more time into the website lately. Keep checking back in for updates!


Want to install a mod on an existing game server? Interested in spinning up a game server? Need an email address setup? Want to host a game-related website with us?

Feel free to contact us, please email anubie@thegamer.co.