REIview: My Big Sister [PS4/Vita]

This’ll be short and sweet, kind of like the game! …well, minus the sweet part.

So you play as Luzia, a little girl with problems. Right off the bat the game lets you know it won’t be some heartwarming feel good title with implied pedophilia, cannibalism, kidnapping, and blood. Welcome to the first 10 minutes. Your big sister is named Sombria, by the way.

She’s a ghoul.
I think.

Visually, the game itself is in the style of an old 16-bit RPG. However, gameplay is more like a point and click adventure game. You give/use x item to y person/object to proceed. Some item use didn’t seem quite as obvious as you’d think, which might prolong playtime. I followed a guide, because honestly… I have a lot of games to play.

The story might make sense to some people, but I’m not one of them. There was so many fake truths and intentional vagueness that I just left me scratching my head. There are multiple endings, so maybe that’s the point; you pick the interpretation that you like best.

Trophy hunters will like it because you can get the platinum in an hour or so with a guide. It was alright. I liked the Japanese-inspired ghost/demon elements of it, but I doubt I’ll replay it now that I’ve completed it.

TL;DR – It’s a’ight. If you’re going to buy it, wait for a sale.

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